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Product: 2022 21TR Code 3 Pack

Title: TR21 Code 3

Shadow is a Cool Cracker, I recommend you to support the monkey & make him big, Thanks Shadow for being a cool Cracker

Product: Unknown

Title: 2022 21TR Code 3 Themed Pack

I bought the Code 3 Pack from Shadow, I went to test my new pack normally and I was amazed. I didn't think that a "smaller developer" could make such a good pack. Extra's, Modkits, Liveries, Trunk equipment everything you need you find! The quality is really top class and the features speak for themselves. The product description of the vehicles and other things is also very well described and explained. I would recommend the pack, because here you get even for less money a pack with which you can work super!


Product: Unknown

Title: Liberty Pack and Customer Service

Although Shadow is one of the smaller developers. His quality of the vehicles and customer service makes up for the amount of products he offers. I made a ticket about buying the liberty pack and within minutes I had the support team sending me the payment links and I received the product within SEVEN minutes. When I put the models in-game, I will be honest I did not have the highest of expectations. But man was I surprised, there was not ONE thing wrong with the vehicles. I instantly fell in love with his products and will always recommend them to others!

Product: 2016 Explorer Police Variant

Title: Awesome Cars!

Very friendlly support and unbelievable good quality! I know where I´m going to buy the next police car pack ;)

Product: Pierce Velocity Pumper Engine (WinterPark Rear)

Title: W fire truck

truck good. lighting good. dev good.

Shadow Modifications

5 / 5